We dream of a fully healed and transformed humanity, creation and society with national sovereignty where full life is enjoyed, where people relate in sisterhood, brotherhood, partnership, equality, justice, peace, freedom, love; where the fruits of the land are shared by all accordingly, in pursuit of the reign of God’s Kingdom.


As Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines, we individually and collectively accompany all peoples especially the poor and the marginalized with compassionate presence, healing and service as we build with them life-giving communities for total human salvation; restoration of the ecological life systems of Mother Earth, harmony and interconnectivity of the entire creation.

It is our goal to BECOME and UP-BUILD the CHURCH OF THE POOR as part of our total concern for Social transformation and Restoration of the Integrity of Creation.



Deeply inspired by Saint Augustine, Mother rita and the Spirit of the Signs of the time, WE, the AUGUSTINIAN MISSIONARIES OF THE PHILIPPINES, are called to a life of PROPHETIC WITNESS to JESUS-CHRIST, in UNITY of HEART-and-MIND  and in COMPASSIONATE SERVICE to the people especially the POOR, towards the reign of God’s Kingdom.

Wherever we are, we shall be A SIGN that the CHURCH is MISSIONARY.